Introduction to Computer Science

Why Intro to Computer Science (ICS)?

  • Helps students think computationally.
  • Creates excitement about a growing career field.
  • Introduces students to what CS is all about.

What is ICS?
  • Students work in teams to develop computational thinking and problem solving skills.
  • The course does not aim to teach mastery of a single programming language but aims instead to develop computational thinking, to generate excitement about the field of computing, and to introduce computational tools that foster creativity.
  • Students practice problem solving with structured activities and progress to open-ended projects and problems that require them to develop planning, documentation, communication, and other professional skills.
  • Problems aim for ground-level entry with no ceiling so that all students can successfully engage the problems. Students with greater motivation, ability, or background knowledge will be challenged to work further.

What is being covered in the class?
  • Students will learn how to program in the following languages/environments:
    • Scratch
    • MIT App Inventor
    • Python (using Canopy)