Lesson 3.1 Visualizing Data

The goal of this lesson is for you to be able to learn from and communicate with large sets of data. You will handle some relevant data: the Census reports family and money data for your community; trends with your name are public record. But anything can be datafied! Computing has automated data collection. Aim the magic wand, and anything you love in life can produce terabytes to be analyzed. The impact on the workplace is profound; anything that was worth doing before is now worth examining under the lens of Big Data, and data scientists are sought from every corner of the job market.

The collection of Big Data does pose societal concerns for some. Once collected, data might live forever. How do you want your data treated?

We'll use Python to make useful graphic representations of data. We'll work from familiar ways of showing data to more unusual and creative ways of communicating information in pictures.

Essential Questions
  • How will computation impact fields other than computing itself?
  • How will computation impact society?
  • How can patterns be discovered in data?