Day 74 - Arc Length/Surface Area - 12.07.15

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  • Unit 5 Test
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    • The Washer Method

Bell Ringer
  1. Find the EXACT arc length of the graph of the function over the interval [1,2].

  2. Determine the approximate arc length of on the interval -2 ≤ x ≤ 3.

    1. 87.83

    2. 87.84

    3. 0

    4. 119.57

    5. none of the above

  3. Evaluate the definite integral for the EXACT area of the surface formed by revolving the graph of about the x-axis.

  4. Determine the approximate surface area of the solid formed by revolving the graph of on the interval about the x-axis.

    1. 14.01

    2. 9.49

    3. 0

    4. 16.08

    5. none of the above

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    • Study!

    • APC.15​
      • The student will use integration techniques and appropriate integrals to model physical, biological, and economic situations. The emphasis will be on using the integral of a rate of change to give accumulated change or on using the method of setting up an approximating Riemann sum and representing its limit as a definite integral. Specific applications will include
        • a)​ the area of a region;
        • b) ​the volume of a solid with known cross-section;
        • c)​ the average value of a function; and
        • d)​ the distance traveled by a particle along a line.