Day 02 - Limits (graphically and numerically) - 01.06.15

  • Calculus Readiness Test
    • Average = 50%
  • What would you like to know about me?

Bell Ringer
  • Go over Readiness Test

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  • Calculus Challenge 1
    • Find f(1) for the following function: 

Exit Ticket
  • Posted on the board at the end of the block.
Lesson Objectives
  • How are limits found numerically and graphically?

In-Class Help Requests

  • APC.1
    • Define and apply the properties of elementary functions, including algebraic, trigonometric, exponential, and composite functions and their inverses, and graph these functions, using a graphing calculator.
      • Clarification Statement
        • Properties of functions will include domains, ranges, combinations, odd, even, periodicity, symmetry, asymptotes, zeros, upper and lower bounds, and intervals where the function is increasing or decreasing.

Past Checkpoints
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